1/3 Kanata Sword (3D Printed in White Resin)

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It is not hard to find a 1/3 Kanata Sword from the market, but we just want a cyber style, longer and bigger one, to match with the 2B Nier Automata Costume, so we decided to make one. 

It is 3D printed in extremely high quality white resin (from formlabs.com) with 0.05mm resolution, which takes us 11 hours to print one, and post processing for 45 mins for each sword.

As the sword is pretty big, we have to break it into 3 pieces. So when we ship it to you, it is also shipped in 3 pieces, to eliminate the chance of breaking it, where you need to glue them together with any plastic / model glue. 

Hope you like it.